Kanpur Fashion Week Brand Assets

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Kanpur Fashion Week Brand Assets

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Kanpur is considered to be one of the upcoming leading fashion hubs of India. Kanpur Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event in the city of Kanpur. Season 5 brought Indian culture on focus through the exhibition of made-in-India fashion and lifestyle products, fashion shows, seminars and after-parties. It attracted over a thousand visitors including 20+ renounced designers, models and 100+ journalists and media. Around 300 designer clothes were displayed in the fashion show alone....

Client: Kanpur Fashion Week
Parent Company: 3m Entertainment
Location: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Segment: Fashion Show / Event
Project: Branding and Marketing

Elements Designed: 
Logo, Visual Identity / Brand Identity, Social Media Branding, Social Media Posts, Sponsorship Deck, Billboards and Standees, Certificates, ID Cards, Cue Card, Entry Pass, Checkers Board, Promotional Videos, Logo Animation....

Target Audience: 
Upper Middle-class and Elite segment of society who are into luxury and fashion....

Luxury, Elite, Glamour, Fashion, Beauty, Vivid, Vibrant, Elegant, Extraordinary, Professional....

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The brand assets of Kanpur Fashion Week. This includes the logo, logo animation, sponsorship deck, brand palette and social media icons....

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